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The Story


A Man Overboard – a story of hope

Shipwrecked and ruined a story of how God restores the broken and ashamed, heals the sick and feeds the poor.

Are you lost without hope, with no where left to turn?

God has a message for you this day.

Get up and follow me!

Author Dan salt writes

“Lost without hope is a bad place to be.  We look for answers in the world, try to make money or try and find identity in relationships or with friends.

When we don’t find the answers you are seeking, It doesn’t just leave you unfulfilled it drives you to ruin, left without anything of worth and feeling empty. Speaking from a journey of an incredible life changing experience with God. I can tell you that God is with you in your circumstances and he has an amazing plan for your life and all you need to do is Get up and walk with him in order to remove the old and put on the new as you discover the life changing plan the Lord has for your life. 

“Are you stuck in a cycle of bad habits and poor decisions?, are you in debt? depressed with feelings of having no way out? Not sure where your life is headed? Introducing A Man Overboard – a story of hope that will give you the answers you are in desperate need of”

– by author Dan Salt.